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The Case for 3D Printing in Architecture

The Case for 3D Printing in Architecture 1 APRIL 2018

Traditionally, model makers have been meticulously handcrafting scale models to bring architectural projects to life. But for model makers striving to meet shorter lead times, traditional fabrication which is highly time consuming and laiden with multiple steps, has become increasingly inefficient.

3D printing technology is able to reduce the time spent on producing models by at least 40%. Building features such as windows, beams and pillars may also be printed as single-joined pieces, reducing assembly time greatly without sacrificing on details. In fact, complex details are more easily attainable via 3D design and printing – enabling architects to better present their out-of-the-box designs to clients.

In addition, 3D printing for model making is a greener option too! Material wastage from creating molds and cutting scraps can be made negligible with 3D printing where only the required amount of material is consumed to create these models.

Sounds too good to be true? Explore 3D printing with our sister company, 3D Matters to take your architectural scale models to greater heights!

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