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Exactly how strong are 3D printed parts?

Exactly how strong are 3D printed parts? 16 MARCH 2018

In the last couple of years, we have received more enquiries for metal prototypes and end use parts requirements. This is in line with the global trend where more and more B2B companies are using 3D printing for metal end use parts.

For those who have heard about 3D printing but not seen or felt an actual 3D metal printed part, a valid concern is their perception that 3D printed parts are not as stable or solid as those produced via conventional manufacturing processes. Or, perhaps the word ‘printing’ itself has given such a false impression? However, the actual fact is that 3D printed parts have comparable, if not better mechanical properties than traditional manufactured parts!

One of the reasons that properties of 3D printed parts exceed the conventional manufacturing process is the feedstock. The powders used for 3D printed parts are free from deleterious elements and impurities as compared to air melted cold rolled bars or plates.

We recently completed a job for one of our FMCG packaging customers. The engineering manager initially was sceptical to try parts that were 3D printed even when we had showed him how the technology worked and also gave him other physical parts which we had printed before to test. Eventually, he was bought over and was willing to try.

Subsequently when we met up with him, he reported that the parts we printed were still performing well in his machines and that they had far exceeded the mean time to failure of the original parts. As a highly satisfied customer, he is now looking to print more parts with us.

If you share the same concern as the engineering manager in this anecdote, why not give us a call and we will be happy to show you some samples and discuss with you on your requirement.

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