Intelligent Additive Manufacturing Technologies

The next frontier in manufacturing

3D Metalforge provides a full range of Additive Manufacturing (AM) services making supply chains more efficient, green and flexible, and providing companies with a sustainable competitive advantage by producing better performing parts, faster, more cost-effectively.

Optimizing Performance By

  • Extending the lifespan of older equipment
    • Reverse engineering and printing obsolete parts no longer available
  • Producing spare parts on demand at the front line
    • Streamlining JIT delivery of parts and equipment to minimize warehousing and logistics costs
  • Producing parts faster and more cost-effectively than traditional manufacturing
    • Producing parts in weeks versus months at a fraction of traditional costs
  • Reducing material waste
    • Reducing waste of expensive materials by using just the required amount of material
  • Optimizing performance with redesigned parts
    • Taking advantage of new design and printing technologies to reduce or substitute materials, improve durability and enhance performance
Optimizing Performance By

Enhancing Production Through

  • Diagnostic Analysis and building digital libraries
    • On site collaboration to find the best parts to print and making them available digitally
  • Design Services
    • Optimizing the design of parts to improve performance
  • Part Production
    • Printing high-quality parts in high-value materials
  • Client Facility Operations
    • Partnering to build an Additive Manufacturing facility inside the customer’s own facility
  • Education and Training
    • Building knowledge and capability within our customer’s organization

Why 3D Metalforge

  • Global footprint to support you where you need us
  • Wide range of technical solutions
  • Expertise in wide range of critical materials
  • More than 20,000 parts printed to date
  • ISO certified manufacturer
  • Certified by Lloyds Register
  • AMGTA member


Why 3D Metalforge

Case Studies

  1. Faster Production Time for Impeller Replacement for Marine Company
  2. Change of material from metal to nylon reduced production time by 65% and costs by 50%
  3. Printing shipyard gears with the world’s first Type 3.2 Certification of 3D printed parts

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Case Studies
Home Page Testimonial - PSA

“PSA has been delighted to partner with 3D Metalforge to successfully develop and commission our first additive manufacturing facility at Pasir Panjang Terminal. Over two years of research and development in partnership with 3D Metalforge has resulted in the world’s first on‐site AM facility for port applications. This facility will allow us to produce port equipment on demand, improve their performance and lifespan, while also making the production of parts faster, better and more cost effective, with the added benefit of reducing our environmental impact.”


- PSA Singapore



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