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About 3D Metalforge

3DMF offers a full range of in-house manufacturing services from design and engineering, material advisory, diagnostics and testing, to printing and post-production certification to the latest industry and API standards. This approach to industrial production, its proprietary processes and eco-friendly technology produces high-demand parts faster, better and more cost-effectively, with less environmental impact and greater sustainability than conventional manufacturing.

About 3D Metalforge

What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a transformative approach to industrial production that enables the creation of lighter and stronger parts and systems. AM uses a digital process to create a three-dimensional object by depositing metal or polymer materials in layers to build the finished object.

Traditional manufacturing is complex and can be a heavy non-sustainable energy consumer. Modern supply chains can be rigid, time consuming, undependable and difficult to manage effectively. Traditional part production can often be dirty and wastes materials and resources.

AM applications are almost limitless. The technology can be used to fabricate end-use products on-demand across multiple industries. AM is helping industries reduce development and manufacturing costs, increase production speed and produce new structures and shapes. More modern technology with new research-based functionality affords an opportunity for product improvement based on complex redesign.

3D Metalforge’s intelligent additive manufacturing can provide just-in-time local production and a more responsive and dependable supply chain; greater sustainability through reduced material and energy use, with fewer emissions.

The 3DMF Brand

About Page Testimonial - Shell Singapore

"We appreciate 3D Metalforge for their exceptional technical services and their timely and successful delivery of quality parts to Shell Jurong Island”,


Pina Joshi, Asset Rejuvenation Senior Reliability Engineer in Shell Jurong Island



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