Gaining maximum benefit from Intelligent Additive Manufacturing

From replacing obsolete parts to redesigning new and improved end-use parts.

Offering a full range of services to help clients gain the maximum benefit from Intelligent Additive Manufacturing. The application of our technologies and processes has been proven and tested in real-world client situations.


The samples shown here are just a few of the hundreds of parts that have been additively manufactured to Improve part performance, reduce manufacturing cost and time, strengthen supply chains, and impact company sustainability.

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Case Studies

Faster Production Time for Impeller Replacement for Marine Company

Business Impact: Delivered completed impeller in 3 weeks. Pump was working at least 4 weeks ahead of traditional timeframe. Lower overall cost as asset was able to get back to sea faster. Part passed all required testing to meet minimum standards for ASTM cast part, and balancing achieved with significantly less machine adjustment compared to traditional design.

Change of material from metal to nylon reduced production time by 65% and 50% cost savings

Business Impact: Delivered TechnipFMC’s completed pipe mold in one week instead of typical fabrication of three weeks. Installation of pipe mold in half a day compared to two days. Insulation surface was much smoother due to uniformity of 3D printed pipe mold. No touch-ups had to be done due to the snug fit of the pipe mold. Total cost of production, installation and removal was less than half of previous.

Printing shipyard gears with the world’s first Type 3.2 Certification of 3D printed parts for Sembcorp Marine one of the world’s largest shipyards

Business Impact: This was the first additively manufactured part to undergo a type 3.2 certification. The fabrication and delivery of these legacy parts lowered the production costs as parts were made to order locally. Gears continued to perform without any visual defects or wear for more than six months (as of Dec 2019).

Applications Page Testimonial - Par Pacific

“Over the last six months, Par Pacific Holdings, Inc. and 3D Metalforge have been working together to develop an additive manufacturing program to support spare part needs for our refineries. This collaboration included a thorough analysis of our parts inventory and requirements by the team at 3D Metalforge.  The process encompassed onsite visits; meetings with our engineering and procurement teams; design review, and reverse engineering of key eligible components. Through 3D Metalforge’s reverse engineering expertise, they have successfully created a replacement impeller.  This impeller will be installed in a pump at our Kapolei, HI Refinery in October 2021. We look forward to continuing this alliance as we believe additive manufacturing will reduce costs, delivery time, and improve the quality of our spare parts inventory.”


Jeffery Cummins, Director, Corporate Procurement



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