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3D designing – the crucial step before 3D printing

3D designing – the crucial step before 3D printing 25 FEBRUARY 2018

Have you wondered why certain 3D prints look better than the others?

3D printing is known for its fast and effective way to produce your prototypes. However, there is a very crucial step that is often forgotten – and that is the modelling of the digital files for printing. Putting emphasis on this step can help reduce printing errors and therefore any additional time taken to rectify problems post-printing.

We understand that creating digital files and computer-aided 3D drawings are not common computer skills as it typically requires in-depth experience in the hands-on 3D printing of parts and specialised software.

Therefore, at 3D Matters and 3D Metalforge, our in-house 3D designers and engineers use softwares such as Solidworks, Rhino 3D, 3DS Max and Netfabb to 3D model and design your ideas and sketches to produce a 3D printable file, easy for your reference and confirmation – and all ready for printing in the various materials available. Below are some of the projects that had been conceptualised, designed, modelled and printed by our team while working closely with our clients to meet their requirements.

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