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Rolling out our new large format metal printer

Rolling out our new large format metal printer 1 FEBRUARY 2018

Kickstarting the first blog post of 2018 with our new LAAM large format printer for metal-based additive manufacturing!

One of the challenges we have found in discussions with clients over the past few years is the limitations of size, speed and the high cost of running traditional powder bed metal sintering or meting printers. The most common size of powder bed printer is around 30cm x 30cm x 30cm and a decent sized part can take anywhere up to 40 hours to print which leads to very high per kg costs of printed parts. Whilst some manufacturers such as EOS, SLM and Concept/GE have pushed the “size envelope” upwards of 40 or 50cm, the challenge of high costs remain.

Which is why we are very pleased to commission and enter into service the latest addition to our suite of printers – the LAAM, otherwise known as Laser Arc Additive Manufacturing printer). Our LAAM is capable of printing at more than 0.5kg per hour at sizes up to 1.5m in a growing range of metals. We firmly believe this printer will be a game change for industries such as oil and gas, marine, engineering, automotive and numerous others that need cost effective large format metal printing

Whilst we will be keeping some of the workings of this massive printer to ourselves, we can share that it is a blown powder printer with a laser mounted on a free ranging robot arm with a wrap around inert gas curtain. Right now we are in the process of ramping up the speed and size of our new printer over the next few weeks and months as it goes through its sea trials… but we would, of course, be delighted to show any inquisitive visitors round the process!

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