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Reliability is a key factor for driving AM

Reliability is a key factor for driving AM 2 MAY 2019

Additive Manufacturing is sought after for its ability to create complex parts that are strong yet lightweight, or when precise internal features – that cannot be created using traditional machining – are needed.   Recently however, we have been hearing from some of our repeat customers on another key reason why Additive Manufacturing has become their preferred production method of choice… And the answer lies in the level of quality assurance and reliability that 3D printing can bring.

After the design optimization phase, the print process and results become extremely consistent. The right documentation can further enhance this reliability.  Companies love this level of manufacturing predictability and efficiency while not sacrificing the versatility that DfAM can bring, even when tweaks and adjustments are needed.

With plenty of next generation 3D metal and polymer printers boasting faster print speeds, and better ability to handle larger size and complexity levels coming into the market, the next thing that can accelerate the rapid adoption of 3D printing is the growth mindset and the necessary design skills that can unlock the maximum benefits of AM technology!

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