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Happy Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore! 1 AUGUST 2018

August has arrived, and that means Singapore will be celebrating her 53rd birthday next week! To celebrate this special occasion, we would like to showcase a recent project we completed for the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) – a visual display of downtown Singapore – which was completed by our sister company 3D Matters.

Singapore’s Central Business District, more commonly known as the CBD, in table top displays of 30cm x 30cm, complete in realistic colour and texture, using nylon and sandstone finish.

As a background of this project, SLA created a national 3D map of Singapore with the usage of aerial imagery and laser scanning technologies some time back. 3D Matters was commissioned to design and print 2 areas of the CBD in both Nylon and Sandstone finish to showcase their 3D mapping initiative.

This interesting project was eventually completed with the invaluable expertise of two key teams in 3D Matters – with 3D files provided by the client, the first team of designers stitched together hundreds of images over the various facades of the buildings and terrain to add texture true to the images obtained through photogrammetry. The second team then work hard to ensure that as many details are preserved as possible when scaling from life-sized to miniature models.

We are glad that SLA was happy with the final outcome, and this adds on to our list of modelling projects involving various 3D models of skylines or topographies for public education or commemorative events.

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