From Concept to Creation

Optimal design, material selection and printing expertise are critical for well printed products
Whether it’s solving a functional issue or improving how a product works, we use a well-proven approach at every step of the planning and design process to ensure that the end product is exactly how you want it to be.

Below is an example of a bicycle structure frame (saddle mount portion) that we have redesigned for a client who was looking to optimize it for weight yet retaining the stability and performance of the bike.

Step 1: Identify part for 3D Printing

Step 2: Create digital CAD file of selected part

Step 3: Analyse stress and run scenarios to understand how the part will perform in real applications

Step 4: Render 3D file of selected part

Step 5: Optimise to lightweight or reduce material usage

Step 6: Develop support structures for printing

Step 7: Pack print bed

Step 8: Print, remove from machine and heat treat to reduce material stresses

Step 9: Remove from print bed

Step 10: Perform post processing and finishing touches

Step 11: Measure and assess against original versions (Print Comparison)

Step 12: Optimised 3D printed part – Ready for use!