As a global additive manufacturer that has printed over 2,000 components and worked with over 1,000 international clients, we have unique insight into how industrial additive manufacturing technology is making dramatic impacts in our clients’ operations.
The 3DMF Learning Academy is our training and advisory arm that aims to impart world-class AM practical experience and industry-leading research to companies and individuals that are keen to take their AM proficiency and expertise to the next level.

The 3DMF Learning Academy focuses on training manufacturing specialists, sales and operations engineers as well as the procurement and innovation departments. We are able to customize a learning program that can be conducted within our ISO certified facilities or at customers’ factories or offices.

We focus on taking the complexity out of 3D printing/additive manufacturing and make it accessible to companies who are keen to jump on the AM bandwagon to boost innovation and productivity!


We offer a range of courses covering every aspect of additive manufacturing from how to develop an AM strategy, getting started in the technology, to setting up equipment and facilities all the way to operational training in printer operations, design and post production.


26 specific AM courses – Organised in core modules from setting strategy to production and testing of parts with 7 pre-set packages. This is customizable to meet the needs of diverse groups – whether you are a new additive manufacturer, an established MNC starting to implement AM, or experts wanting to top up your skills

Learner-focused – Each module can be taken as a beginner, growing knowledge or expert

We offer a comprehensive scope of content that can be configured in terms of modules, technical depth and learner styles/abilities.

We will work with you to optimize a learning format that is most suitable according to your learners’ needs.

What’s UNIQUE about our courses

  • Developed from real manufacturing operations
  • Courses cover end to end knowledge – from developing an AM strategy, to setting up a facility to design and operations
  • Deep level of technical knowledge in unique equipment tailored for marine, oil & gas and port services sectors
  • Specialist training in areas such as standards and certification that we have unique understanding of
  • Mix of practical and classroom training with range of people who have experienced each topic
  • Our production facility is certified by Lloyds Register and ISO 9001 – providing a best-in-class immersive learning environment

Download from cloud

  • Each module downloadable for JIT training
  • Interactive experience

On line learning

  • Regular sessions on line
  • Live training with web VC and/or dial in

Add on Virtual Reality modules to enhance the experience (Coming soon!)



Our trainers include top tier consulting experts in AM strategy, C-suite operations leaders, process engineers, design managers and equipment operators who are well immersed in the day-to-day challenges and up-to-date with new trends and opportunities in 3D printing.


Our facilities house some of the latest AM printing technology that cater to a wide range of metal and polymer printing uses. As the leading additive manufacturer in Singapore, we are ISO and LR certified and ASTM compliant. This means your team will be able to learn qualified and best practices that are certified as one of the best in the AM industry.


Our courses can be delivered in full length tailored to your specifications or as targeted training to address specific challenges. They can also be delivered face to face in our or your facility, or remotely to suit your team’s requirements.

We are also able to adapt our current courses to suit learners’ current background and proficiency levels to ensure they get the most out of the courses.


We can also offer detailed advisory, either in conjunction with course content or as separate consultancy, where our experts can help work with your team to address a specific need. For instance, developing a new business unit strategy or helping address a deep operational issue you are facing.


We have a unique recognition program that will motivate your team to gain mastery in additive manufacturing through matching course content with learning outcomes.



Eye Opener. Look forward in learning more to see how to optimize my production flow
DianaSunny Metal
Good Presentation. Presenters’ knowledge was excellent
G KalidasDelta Aircraft Systems
Very interesting and eye opening
Yeap BHSembcorp Marine