One of the leading global
additive manufacturing centres

Highly experienced and talented in-house team comprising
3D designers, engineers, sales, technical and solution specialists
3D MetalForge is a global additive manufacturer that supports clients wherever needed via our offices in Singapore, Houston and Perth. We operate one of the leading additive manufacturing centres globally in the high-tech city of Singapore, with a highly experienced and talented in-house team comprising 3D designers, engineers, sales managers as well as technical and solution specialists.

Diagnostic Analysis

Our multi-disciplinary teams visit clients’ sites and operations to identify appropriate parts for AM. Parts can be suitable to proceed with AM immediately, suitable for AM production with a material upgrade or re-design, parts that are suitable in limited circumstances (e.g. rapid requirements, small production volumes) and parts that are more suitable for traditional manufacturing.

Design Services

Our deeply experienced design team create digital files custom-designed to client specifications with a full suite of DfAM upgrades. Formats can be in a range of file formats including STL, OBJ, STEP or RAPID Code.

Part Production

Supplying finished parts for clients, including designing the part, creating the files for printers, printing and any post production to finish the part to the required tolerances, specifications and mechanical properties. Part production is increasingly focused on small-batch production or bridge manufacturing for volumes of up to few hundred or a few thousand pieces.

Client Facility Operation

Increasingly clients want to secure the benefits for AM on a more exclusive and “just-in-time basis”. We are able to scope, design, set up, equip and operate a customized production facility within a client’s supply chain or facility. The benefit to clients is to leverage the “just-in-time at point-of-use” production that AM offers.

Education and Training

It is important to build up everyone’s knowledge and understanding of how to maximize the benefits of additive manufacturing. We can train client team members on all stages from developing an AM strategy to parts selection, parts design, facility operations and quality management.