on Commercial 3D Printing

Dear Friends of 3D Metalforge,

Spurred on by the industry’s growing interest in 3D printing for industrial and commercial uses, we are excited to share that we will be launching a new series of Breakfast Bootcamps for Commercial 3D Printing beginning mid August 2017!

Designed to be a technical-focused series taking you from identifying parts, design, material advisory and optimization to testing, production and evaluation. We will focus on providing tips on specific aspects of the 3D printing process as well as how to overcome limitations to print mid-complex and highly intricate parts of varying dimensions.

With more than 1,700 parts printed in both metals and non-metals for clients across more than 100 industries over the last 5 years, let our passion in additive manufacturing inspire you to explore the exciting world of 3D Printing!

Session Topics

From diagnosing which parts are printable, to understanding the considerations when choosing different print material, to the various steps required to improve tensile strength or surface finish — we will be sharing a plethora of technical insights from the experience we have gathered helping customers reinvent their manufacturing strategies to save thousands per year!

To ensure you get most of out of each short but intensive session, we will go in-depth into sharing one or two aspects of commercial 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing per session. At the end of the series, you would be able to understand the full works and apply additive manufacturing to your business.

Our engineers and designers will also be on-site to give you an immediate answer to any practical queries you may have.

All participants will receive a personalized Certificate for completing each session.


* Dates with an asterisk are tentative and will be confirmed nearer to date

Session 1: Uncovering 3D Print Opportunities (16th Aug 2017 - FULLY SUBSCRIBED)

  • Awareness of Additive Manufacturing (AM) applications
  • Identifying what parts can, and are suitable to be printed 

Closing date to register for this session is 10th August 2017, on a first come first served basis.

Special Deal

Be the first 10 participants to register for the first session by 4th August (Friday) to receive: A special complimentary 2-hour personalized review and consultancy session ($500) to evaluate any part/component that you would like to evaluate for printability!


Session 2: From Traditional to Digital (27th Sep 2017 - FULLY SUBSCRIBED)

  • What are the various digital formats available for AM?
  • Why and How to convert designs for print? (Making parts digital)

Closing date to register for this session is 20th September 2017, on a first come first served basis.


Session 3: Perfecting Parts with Optimization (15th Nov 2017 - FULLY SUBSCRIBED)

  • Capture full benefits of AM with Design Optimization
  • Understand the difference between AM versus Traditional Manufactured Designs, and leveraging AM to innovate
  • Key to balancing aesthetics, form and function

Closing date to register for this session is 8th November 2017, on a first come first served basis.


Session 4: Ready, Steady, Go! (28th Feb 2018 - FULLY SUBSCRIBED)

  • Understand printer performance and post production requirements
    • Nip problems in the bud before the actual print
    • Create working, high quality print-ready files that actually work!
  • Getting to the finished part: Various techniques used to achieve the desired end part in 3D Printing
    • Post-processing options to further enhance output quality
    • Achieving best quality prints while discovering hidden print problems such as porosity
    • Why design of support structures is key to a successful print?

Closing date to register for this session is 21st Feb 2018, on a first come first served basis.


Session 5: Final Steps to the Perfect 3D Printed Finished Part (3rd May 2018 - FULLY SUBSCRIBED)

  • Post-processing/production options
  • Techniques used to achieve the desired end finish

Closing date to register for this session is 27th April 2018, on a first come first served basis.


Session 6: Testing & Standards (25th Jul 2018 - Date Postponed & TBC)

  • Awareness of available industry certifications, such as ASTM/ISO
  • Testing procedures and how to certify individual parts for end use
  • Summary/Recap of end-to-end additive manufacturing process
Sign up for this session – Please note that this event has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. We would inform the new date once ready.