From Prototypes to Production Parts…

6 Ways 3D Metal Printing dramatically impacts your bottom line

Extend the lifespan of older equipment

Reverse engineer and print obsolete parts no longer available from OEMs

Reduce inventory by on-demand printing

Streamline JIT delivery of parts and equipment to minimize warehousing and logistics costs

Reduce transport delays with local printing

Print parts where they are needed, not where they are stored

Improve uptime with faster spares production

Faster printing of production parts from weeks to days

Cheaper spares with no MOQ printing

No minimum order quantity restrictions allowing true ‘as-needed’ production

Improve part performance

Take advantage of new design and printing technologies to reduce material, improve durability and enhance performance

Who We Are?

We are a leading global AM company that supports cutting-edge companies with their global metal printing requirements.

Our AMC is ISO9001 certified, and we have been accredited with the Lloyd’s Register (LR) AM Facility Qualification.

What We Do?
Full range of in house metal printing services from design and engineering, through material advisory, diagnostics and testing to printing and post production
Why Partner Us?

Support and in-house expertise from idea to finished production part in our fully certified, industry standard, cost-effective additive manufacturing facility

What our clients say

3D MetalForge is one of the very few companies in Singapore that is able to combine domain expertise with design capabilities.. to create functional end products that can solve operational needs.-
Thank you for the amicable partnership – and for convincing the rest of my team to leverage 3D printing for cost savings!-
We appreciate that your technical team is very open and transparent in communication. They are highly proficient in connecting the dots to present us various quality options that were within our budget.-