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Additive Manufacturing Helps In 5 Ways

Extend the lifespan of older equipment

Reverse engineer and print obsolete parts no longer available

Produce spare parts on demand at the front line

Streamline JIT delivery of parts and equipment to minimize warehousing and logistics costs

Produce parts faster and cheaper than traditional manufacturing

Produce parts in weeks vs months at fraction of traditional costs

Reduce material waste

Reduce waste of expensive materials using just the required material

Optimise performance with redesigned parts

Take advantage of new design and printing technologies to reduce material, improve durability and enhance performance

How We Can Help

Diagnostic Analysis

On site collaboration to find good parts to print

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Design Services

Optimize the design of parts to bring out the best of AM

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Part Production

Print high quality parts in high value materials

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Client Facility Operation

Partnering to build an Additive Manufacturing facility in your own factory

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Education and Training

Build knowledge and capability in your organisation

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Case Studies

Case Study 1

Faster Production Time for Impeller Replacement for Marine Company


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Case Study 2

Re-design and Printing of Customized Robot Shell Prototype Models to Improve Production Uptime by 80%

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Case Study 3

Change of material from metal to nylon reduced production time by 65% and costs by 50%

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Case Study 4

Printing shipyard gears with one of the world’s first Type 3.2 Certification of 3D printed parts

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Why 3D MetalForge?

ISO certified manufacturing
Certified by Lloyds Register
Global footprint to support you where you need us
Wide range of technology with over 30 printers in more than 5 technologies
Expertise in wide range of critical materials
More than 20,000 parts printed over 5 years

What our clients say

3D MetalForge is one of the very few companies in Singapore that is able to combine domain expertise with design capabilities.. to create functional end products that can solve operational needs.-
Thank you for the amicable partnership – and for convincing the rest of my team to leverage 3D printing for cost savings!-
We appreciate that your technical team is very open and transparent in communication. They are highly proficient in connecting the dots to present us various quality options that were within our budget.-