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Post processing of metal printed parts

Post processing of metal printed parts 1 JULY 2018

Metal printed parts can be post processed to further enhance the part or give it a better surface finish. Some of these post processes include:

  1. Heat Treatment – To relieve internal stresses and alter the properties of some materials such as hardness. To reduce porosity and reduce microscopic voids or fissures and to achieve a grain structure.
  2. Support Removal – To remove the supports that were printed under sections that were not attached to the build plate.
  3. Loose Powder Removal – All loose powders have to be cleaned and removed from the print to prevent any loose powders trapped in the internal channels.
  4. Machining – To remove parts from the build plate, remove extraneous materials and prepare surfaces for additional finishing.
  5. Media Blasting – Improve the uniformity of horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  6. Metal Plating – To augment the characteristics of the part such as improvements in corrosion, heart resistance, increased strength and hardness, conduction and aesthetics.
  7. Polishing – To achieve a final surface finish.
  8. Micro-machining – To improve surface finish and resistance to corrosion and reduce friction.

We have a wide range of such post processes here at 3D Metalforge and we will ensure your parts get printed and post processed in your desired finish before delivering them to you.

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