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Large scale structures on small print beds?

Large scale structures on small print beds? 16 FEBRUARY 2019

Limited by print bed size in your pursuit for large format 3D printing? Worry not! Here at 3D Metalforge, size is never an issue.

One common cited limitation with 3D printing is the size of the print bed. Common desktop printers usually limit their build volumes to around 300mm x 300mm x 300mm, which may be ideal for small projects around the house, but ultimately restricts one from exploring larger and more functional prints.

We recently embarked on multiple large format projects such as 3D printing of robot shells, life-sized pipe models and functional cooling units, all boasting lengths and heights of more than 1 meter!

Armed with our HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 system, we engineered joining and post processing techniques that were strong and seamless to make it almost impossible to tell that the final pieces were made up of multiple smaller nylon parts. These prints were packed within HP’s 380mm x 284mm x 380mm build volume in new and innovative ways to counter inevitable issues such as warpage especially when printing large flat surfaces. We also optimized the designs by including ribs along the inner surfaces instead of having thick solid walls to minimize warpage, that translated to material cost savings for our clients. Deep understanding of how a material or design would behave under the various printing conditions was crucial for us when printing and assembling large format 3D prints.

Do visit us to learn more about our various techniques and don’t let size limit you again!

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