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LAAM for cladding applications

LAAM for cladding applications 1 MAY 2018

When we first introduced our LAAM (Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing) printer, many of our customers were fascinated and excited about the print size it could handle – a whopping 1.5m x 1.5m x 1m. This is by far, the largest print bed in the market for similar metal additive manufacturing.

This has led to many customers in the marine and offshore industry wanting to explore working with us on cladding applications. Indeed, with the robotics and laser enabled LAAM system which has an open and modular design, cladding of big and long parts are very possible.

Laser Cladding is a processing technique used for adding one material to the surface of another in a controlled manner. The purpose could be for dimensional restoration, wear and corrosion prevention etc. and the benefits include cost effectiveness, high accuracy and no flaking or peeling.

The results from the trials conducted with LAAM have been very positive! Keen to know more? Do talk to us if you have needs for a similar application and we will be happy to look at supporting your cladding needs.

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