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Is Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) required for AM parts?

Is Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) required for AM parts? 1 MARCH 2019

We would say that it all depends on the application..

Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) can eliminate traces of gas porosity, cracks, decreases hot tearing susceptibility and improves fatigue behaviour. By eliminating these, HIP treatment provides longer creep life, greater fatigue resistance and enhanced toughness for parts desirable of such properties.

With HIP used in the enhancement process, the additively manufactured parts will be more than 99% fully dense. In applications where fatigue or creep may not be of primary concern, the part may be used without the need to undergo HIP.

Of course, performing HIP may also increase the cost of the part and extend the delivery of the part. However, HIP may also be used innovatively combining with AM to reduce the overall delivery lead time. One possible way is to consider 3d printing the part to 95% full density and then densify the part by performing HIP. This allows the part to be 3d printed in quicker time and using HIP post treatment to densify the part.

In general HIP is a comparatively quicker process than 3D printing and hence AM combined with HIP potentially can reduce energy use up to 50% and can reduce material costs up to 90%. That said, much work still needs to be done in optimising the print strategy in order to harness the advantage of AM combined with HIP.

If you have a part which you wish to work on with AM and HIP, contact us and we will love to work on it!

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