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5th NAMIC Additive Manufacturing Summit Series – Maritime & Energy

5th NAMIC Additive Manufacturing Summit Series – Maritime & Energy 15 MAY 2018

Last month we had the privilege of being invited by Singapore’s NAMIC (National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster) led by NTUitive to speak in their 5th Additive Manufacturing Summit which was held at Sofitel Singapore City Centre.

Our CEO Matthew Waterhouse spoke on our latest technologies, namely the LAAM (Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing) and H-WAAM (Hybrid Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) – which were crucial enablers to cost-effective, high quality and fast manufacturing for various industry sectors.

It was an interesting summit where attendees delved into the growing influence of digitalization on the maritime and energy sectors, and even explored some very interesting case studies such as 3D printing for Lithium Ion batteries and how 3D Printing could impact on solar and wind energy industries.

We would like to thank the organizers for including us in this exciting congregation of the top companies and their talents in the maritime, offshore and energy industry.

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